Recruitment services

Patient recruitment is the most time-consuming aspect in a clinical trial and is considered to be the biggest obstacle for its success. Investigators often overestimate their pool of potential patients and are not capable to reach the enrollment demanded by the sponsor. Slow or insufficient recruitment therefore affects the clinical trial’s timelines, budget and time-to-market-authorization of new therapies.

For this reason, our company offers the development of individual and tailor-made recruitment strategies for sponsors and study sites. Recruitment efforts are planned and promoted by experienced Clinical Enrollment Managers (CEMs) via use of networks, media, pre-screening support, events etc. 

Our service range includes

  • SOP driven recruitment service, which is individual and tailor-made for your study and the participating study sites
  • Flexible, big team of experienced CEMs
  • Regular contact with study sites for detection of site-specific recruitment obstacles
  • Designing of recruitment strategies in collaboration with the site and the sponsor
  • Initiation and performance of tailor-made measures: advertisement (newspaper, radio spots, Internet etc.), recruitment material (flyer etc.), meetings, network of referring physicians
  • If required our company prepares and also submits the recruitment material to the relevant ethics committees
  • Recruitment service can also be offered in addition to study monitoring